“You face the real monsters of our nightmares.
Demons break your body…..
Devils break your mind…..
Daemons? They break your very soul”
– Abris, King of the Broken Lands

10 years have passed the unfortunate coming of creatures many tried not to know about but now seems like its normal. Many have stood to try to stop them, but all have failed, many tried to reclaim the lands the took, they all have failed too.They still try to expand so we need you to stop them before our barrier ends. Are you up to the challenge? Cause there aren’t many left alive for this challenge…..

Welcome to Lands of the Damned!

This campaign has been on my mind for awhile, and something I always wanted to do. A campaign where the characters step toe-to-toe with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I hope that the viewers enjoy the game as much as myself and the players!

This website will be updated at least once a week, with information that the players gather over this week, if any. At the very least, there will always be a recap of the previous session, and will even be a notice if we miss a session.

Lands of the Damned

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