Lands of the Damned

Field Journal #4
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #2 (continued)

We finally defeated our first true forces of Death, and I have to say; I’m impressed. I took a few samples with me for study later as their composition and abilities were not what I was expecting (though if I’m being perfectly honest), I don’t know what I was expecting. Our tactics went sideways a few times, as most of the encounters we had were in a cave which restricted our movement. It’s also the first time we’ve encountered spell casters which will require another round of tactical study and planning with Kane.

We triggered some sort of vault, which was tied directly to the creatures we killed, as if their passing life forces or whatever energy that animated them were keys. It was truly fascinating, as I can’t seem to find a common trigger between them. There were caecodaemons, outsiders which are animated by soul force, some sort of death priest which I can partially deduce was animated through life force, and straight up zombies which are animated by necromantic magic. How they were all keyed the same way is uncertain. But what was most fascinating, as on the other side of the door were a pair of constructs and instead of some sort of tomb guardian or champion, another follower of Death.

How did he get inside? Why didn’t the constructs attack him? When we entered the cave, we were told of some kind of rule that everything that entered before us had to die, before we could leave. But who built this vault? And if so, what determined who got in? How does it tie to the creatures outside? It’s so fascinating, and so confusing.

Almost confusing enough to distract me from the fact that Rusty was destroyed. He was such a good boy, and now I have to rebuild him all over again. Time to start training him, all over again. I think I have what I need to make him a little stronger, faster, and tougher at least. We’ll see.

Oh! And there was some weird fisherman waiting for us. He says the king sent him, but I don’t know why the king thinks we need seafood. I guess that’s royalty for you.

Session 3

This week was very fun, and eventful, a lot of jokes, but serious when needed!

The party started off in the cave that was unfinished, all that was left was 2 bug bears in their way to the spider. Once they were defeted, they made way into the spiders lair, in which they fought a spider that was unidentified (for you readers out there, it is a Phase Spider) but it was already injured before they got there. It was a tough battle still, the spiders bite was vicious and with a strong venom, made people fear the worse, but the party prevailed. Bad Apple was able to extract the venom from the spider and learn that it can be made as a injury poison and an anti-venom too.

Before heading out, the party needed to rest and mend to their wounds, and while doing so, met a Devil called “Game Master”. Here Jarrod made a deal with the “Game Master” that if he ever goes back to his old ways, that the Devil kills him, and in return the Devil claims his soul. And ontop of that, some of the party (Bad apple, Jarrod, and Alan) decided to play in the Devil’s game. Now the Devil will always know the location of the few that accepted the terms, but only for games. If anyone tries to use his power for their own, he will try to protect them if he can.

They eventually went back to Arin, and delivered the poison, but only after seeing and hearing Elas arguing with a woman who they ended up finding out later, she is his daughter. She wanted to fight and help the party and the party agreed to have her join. She is excited and the party is happy to have someone able to mend their wounds.

Lastly, the party arrived to the location that Elas was given for the artifact, this is going to be a tough trial, and they must kill EVERYTHING in there before being able to leave. This is also, their ascension into being known as true heroes(mythic 1).

Session 2

I apparently forgot to do this ;-; So a quick log for session 2!

I wouldnt call this session uneventful but this session was focused on getting to where the group needed to be. The group ended up heading over to Arin, where they met Elas Virbella which the party was tasked to get a venom from a specific spider to kill time while the scouts come back to make sure the word they got was the real deal.

The party then headed out and into the cave where the spider is located. They found a lot of spiders and few bugbears.

Field Journal #3
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #2 (continued)
We managed to survive the spider cave, and I was able to harvest the venom we were sent for. I’m hoping Alin uses it heal, rather than harm, but I did my part- the rest is on them. Kane really took the bad end of it, and we’ve been bunkered down for a few days waiting for him to recovery.

Looking forward to hot food and a nice bed for a night when we get back, and tinkering with Rusty some more. I’ve got a few ideas that I think may go a long way, and thankfully, there’s been no shortage of inspiration and spare parts available.

“The soul is a construct of the flesh, and the flesh is a construct of nature. Nature provides all the schema necessary to build the perfect construct.”

Field Journal #2
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week 2

We made our first stop at what I guess could be considered a fort. Poor girl is on rough times, though. Walls coming down, overgrowth, and little by way of defense. It can be saved but it’s definitely a fixer-upper. Still, it was better than camping in the open wilds, for the most part. A semi-solid roof is better than no roof. We’ll have to revisit it, because of it’s obvious strategic location. A focal point from Calady to the other population centers of Yostre makes it a good starting adventure path, I think. I’ll have to get with the others and see what they think so I can get to work improving it.

Fought a giant scorpion. Nothing too crazy- tried to ambush us from the sand. Got a few days worth of rations out of it, and harvested some of its poison. I’m not really a poisoner, but someone among us or that we encounter might have a need for it. Better safe than sorry.

Ambushed by gnolls while sleeping. It’s to be expected since it’s pretty lawless around here. Monstrous humanoids attacking vulnerable travelers is all the rage. Rusty got it pretty bad, poor guy. I’ll have to patch him up in town, provided they have some quick fix potions.

Got Rusty up and running back to top shape, again with the help of some clerics and a lot of gold. I’m going to have to start focusing on his defense so he can focus on mine. Spoke with Elas Virbella who seems to have a grasp on the situation here in Alin. He wants us to locate his missing scouts, but there’s some riddle involved, where everything that enters the cave before us must die. There might be some trick, there might not. Who knows? We agreed, but decided to take on some side work to line our pockets. We’ll need all the resources we can muster.


  • Brought up the formation issue with Kane
  • Seemed receptive (we’ll start implementing it)
  • Jarrod is a bully
  • Where even is Osparin?
  • I can’t get a read on Stetson. At. All.
  • Never thought I’d see the day a goblin guaranteed us safe passage in a human city
Kane's Notes

Our “Base” on Yostra is in an interesting position, however several obstacles are in place before we can truly consider this a base of operations. For now however, my focus was on surveying our surroundings

  • To our South is a small desert followed by the ocean. To our south east, we can get to the water without having to go to deep into the desert. The water would need to be distilled first, but it’s a water supply.
  • To our West are mountains, close enough to be a reliable natural defense. Setting up some form of lookout from the elevated ground would prove beneficial.
  • Similar to our West, a mountain range towards the east provides some natural protection, however these mountains are significantly further away. Setting up some defense here isn’t out of the question, but due to distance wont be an immediate concern nor possibility.
  • North is where we are most vulnerable. No natural defenses, not to mention the obvious threats from the North. The obvious answer would be defending our base itself, while working our defenses North. Though routine scouting parties north, at least up to Caerne.

For the meantime, we have work to do. More details will come on my return here.

Session 1
Welcome to Yostra!

First I would like to thank everyone who decided to play, this is going to be a long journey. I will say there will be fuck-ups on my end, sometimes slow ends, but this all comes with not only new games, but still learning DMs. With that said lets get to the recap of Session 1!

Session 1 began with you all in the capital of Calady, you all have been there for awhile either doing personal things, getting yourself armed, or just reading and learning more of the situation. You were met in the “war room” which really was just a room, with a table, and a map. In there you met two of the four leaders of the group. You met a rather young elf who didn’t really introduce himself, but you did hear that his name is Elyon Urifir, and Klax, the goblin Wizard.

While getting a half-assed debrief and a “lets go” Stetson asked for gold for a potion, and you got some. Shortly after, heading to the docks, which down below were boats, and up above were airships. The group had to travel for about 10 days, in which Osparin decided to go digging for some loot, while the others did some work. Stetson and Jarrod sparring, Alan overseeing and watching, Bad Apple!! fixing up tools for the workers, and Klax reading and praying (which was not said in game)

After landing, the workers started to unload the airship while the group walked forward to the keep that Klax calls their base. They all heard a voice that really only Klax knew. Shaken by the voice of someone that knew, that voice became an embodiment that no one could identify and then combat began.

After the shade and its minions were destroyed, Badapple!! and Klax looked over the bodies of the goblins they had to slay, and noticed on their bodies is a message, saying that their next location, Arin, is Death’s next target.

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Field Journal
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Finally I’m out of that cell. His Majesty says he has important work that could clear my name, if I participate. I don’t see much choice in the matter. Even if I stay in my cell where it’s safe, I’m still wasting away. Better to die on my feet than rot on my back, I guess. I’ve been given minor provisions, but I’ll make the most of it. At least they let me take Rusty with me. Not that I wouldn’t have started over again, but I’m fond of him and wouldn’t want to waste time making and programming a new construct just to do the same thing the one I already have can handle.

Week 1
Got paired up with a bunch of weirdos. They seem okay, I guess, but some of them are way too juiced up for facing the armies of Death considering they have nothing but their bare hands to fight with.

I’ve been making some coin on the side, just trying to keep my boredom from going over the top and repaired tools,reviewed blueprints and made annotations, and did some patchwork on the ship (!!). It’s an airship to be exact. Not the most amazing or fast, but still a marvel. I don’t remember the last time I was on one. Or if I was ever on one, for that matter.

There are a pair of mages, an arcanist and a wizard. I was able to casually peruse the arcanist’s book, but unfortunately, he didn’t have anything worth keeping. I didn’t bother with the goblin, as I expected everything to be burning and acid. It’s what goblins do. Even the smart ones.

Week 2
We received a message. Apparently our gobbo-wiz didn’t leave many friends behind and they want their pound of flesh for coming back. He’s pretty shaken up and I guess I can’t blame him- my guess is that, being the wizard, that meant he was the only one with common sense and took the smart approach of looking for allies to help his tribe keep their home. The rest of them acted like typical goblins and rushed into bloody battle without a single thought to their safety. Everything went exactly as expected, and now they have a grudge that he didn’t die in glorious combat with them. Klax can’t seem to catch a break, first his tribe, then his land, and now his tribe again.

I take it back- Klax has no common sense. I might not be impressed with Osparin’s spell selection, but he selected the right spell for the job. He put the warchief to sleep, setting him up for an easy finish- and then Klax blasted him with a cantrip. We all managed to survive our first real battle, somehow. There are some obvious strengths and then there are some obvious weaknesses to this party (note to self to jot down pros and cons). I’m going to have to say goodbye to the crossbow I was given. Or maybe it was given back, I don’t recall. Either way, it’s time to improve my arsenal.


  • very fast
  • hand to hand proficient
  • solid tactical awareness (maybe it was just luck he set those goblins up for a bomb?)
  • has some ranged options
  • limited in range, even with thrown weapons
  • doesn’t seem physically strong
  • doesn’t ask for help


  • very tough
  • hand to hand proficient
  • not ashamed to ask for assistance
  • brave (he put himself right up front in the thick of it)
  • too brave (I don’t think I saw him wearing armor)
  • no ranged options
  • not very quick


  • very tough
  • very fast
  • psionic (I’ve never met one in person)
  • does not seem gear dependent for weapons
  • ego (I remember that being a thing for psions)
  • psionic (I’ve never met one in person)
  • bloodlust (could be useful, but right now can be dangerous)


  • pretty smart
  • pretty cute (I guess)
  • Magic (all in all, kinda diverse)
  • good tactical awareness
  • burns out pretty fast
  • needs more spells (!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • pretty sure he’s not very tough


  • Magic
  • smarter than the average gobbo
  • height appropriate
  • doesn’t scare easy (atypical to most goblins)
  • zero tactical awareness
  • no spell diversity
  • hometown hero (that was a joke)


  • super tough
  • super strong
  • super quick
  • smarter than the average construct
  • gotta repair him constantly
  • gotta add more ranged options (maybe a bolt launcher)
  • still pretty dumb

Bad Apple!!

  • superior ranged options
  • area of effect options
  • strong tactical awareness
  • very smart
  • physically weak
  • need to expand my formulae
  • too reliant on others

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