Lands of the Damned

Lets play catchup (all sessions)

So Ive been lazy and Ive been meaning to do this. So long story short I have been forgetting to post adventure logs for each session, including missed ones. Thankfully the people who read this are also players, well, atleast right now. So I feel I can do a bullet point rundown and try and keep up with indepth detail like before….. so starting from where we left off

  • Entered the trial, found undead, daemons, and a head of Death’s operations, slain them and met a new member, Finn Huckleberry
  • Traveled back to Arin, then back to Kings Effort due to Klax’s request. Talked to one of Elas’s guards and had made requests to get some people and defenses there. After that traveled to Pawold
  • Jarrod did a scouting mission, found a dying mother and her child. After trying to get information from her, he killed the mother to end her suffering. Brought the child to the group
  • Jarrod went back out, found a roaming Dragur in town, went back to party
  • All went to sleep during Bad Apple!!’s watch, heard drumming, she also saw the Dragur running that way.
  • She found A lot of assassins, a Half Orc, and A gnome, they fought for a bit before Alan woke up and got the party together, they met up and killed the assassins.
  • Albis (the gnome) attempted to torture one for info, and then after being useless killed by an unknown person and Jarrod.
  • Party found the Dworc and escorted to Heaford after finding out what he was hiding. He was being pretty shady on what he was transfering
  • At Heaford they met someone there, Zarah, and had a little confrontation, and then eventually joined the party
  • Left and met a Sorcerer Jamie “Thatch” Bennet. He was escorting hunter that were…..well….hunting… Then eventually Manticores came and he fought. Traveled to Gastow
  • Talked to the leader and went on a recon mission after. Party split up. One group got ambushed by guards that turned to be dopplegangers. They tryed to talk to one but couldnt due to the voice being gone and mouth sown shut.
  • found out the leader is a hag, wounded her severely, she escaped.
  • went back to Kings Effort. Met Death on the way. Finds the party to be a challenge, yet a game.
  • went back home, after leaving Kalx and Gnar to operate the base at Yostre.

Whooo, now this is a very straight forward and to the point. I probably missed some details, but you can always check out Bad Apple!!’s journal for her interpretations (and probably more info) I will try to keep up on the journals, until next time (hopefully this week) :^)

Field Journal #8
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #10

Poor Gastow, would be putting this mildly. The mayor was replaced with a Night Hag who captured her soul in a necklace, and then managed to subjugate dopplegangers who replaced soldiers and were eliminating any interlopers. Apparently, they weren’t prepared for us. We managed to chase off the Hag, but she was definitely one of Death’s minions. We recovered the necklace, and Jarrod took responsibility for it. I have little use for the abilities, but he seemed confident in his power to control it. And there’s also the added bonus that maybe we’ll be able to free it’s captive. Maybe. The people of Gastow are in a bad place, without guidance, with depleted guards, and at Death’s thresh hold- but they have grim determination it looks like and that just might save them. Either way, we’ll contact the king and see about getting a new magistrate to oversee things in Gastow and hopefully bring some regularity to them.

“Chaos and order are necessary for the continued proliferation of life. Without chaos, innovation dies, and without order, laws cannot flourish.”-Order by Design
UPDATE: The answer to PA-Attentuation is not in collapsible wave-form but in sustainable force application through degrading cosign-AP. All this time I was focused on Forced Form Acceptance by applying the Law of Nine.
FFA can be turned into a seal, similar to MdkN-7-Seal theory.
Strobe corrosion of cosign-AP is tantamount and can cause catastrophic excess breakdown.
Multiple FFA interference-channels can regulate the corrosion of conformity and turn Cataclysm Average into proper PA-Attenuation.

That’s the answer I’ve been looking for! That’s the secret to Primal Armor!

We encountered Charon, at last. Apparently, our actions have drawn his attention which is neither helpful nor hopeful for us. It means we’ve made more progress than anyone else, and that Charon has a low threshold for being dicked with. We’ll have to tread carefully, because it is said that he’s the most patient of the Four. If taking one out of three magic juju totems and beating up a lowly Hag is enough to get Death’s direct attention, I’d be afraid to pee in the woods when we go to Theles, Craenia, and Thalor.

Week #11
We left Klax and Gnar back in Yostre and are headed back to Calady to give our report. Apparently, King Abris is fine with parting with some territory for our purposes. I imagine we’re going to be devoting most of it to troops and military might- after all, we’re at war. At least I’ll have space to construct some crafting facilities. I’ll need them, after all. We’ll be joined by Elyon, Yoffie, and Albis. I’m still inconclusive on the three of them. I’ll have a better report on the three soon. I’ve started working on a few new projects as well, and will have a few days to put them into proper notes while we travel to Theles.

  • Project 1: I can’t create Primal Armor for anyone else. It’s too closely tied to my personal arcane wavelength. But I can at least create some Ablative Armor for Aporkalypse. That’s the next project and should be remarkably easier to do.
  • Project 2: Something to make repair of Aporkalypse much easier, since wands aren’t an exact science for me just yet.
  • Project 3: gnomishnotes2.png
Field Journal #7
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #8
We saw our merchant contractor safely to Heaford and parted ways after receiving our payment. We also put this child that Jarrod kidnapped in an orphanage. He kept insisting we drop him off on the side of the road, but we ignored him. We may not be very heroic, but we’re not monsters. At least, I hope we aren’t.

Speaking of heroes, a barbarian managed to corner us and bully her way into our party. She clearly wasn’t taking no for an answer, and she was clearly a barbarian due to the fact she had more weapons than clothes. She introduced herself as Zarah and she reminds a lot of Jarrod. Not exactly excited about having two of him around.

Finally put my notes to work and finished my reconstruction of Rusty. Now he is Aporkalypse, and at least he looks stronger. A field test will be in order, soon, but first, I need to conjure up some fresh equipment to make our dungeoneering go smoother.

Week #9
He works! Aporkalypse is an engine of destruction! I haven’t had a chance to test his defenses, yet but his offense totally gets top marks. The arcane stabilizer and Logic Engine were a significant improvement over the Idea Driver Rusty ran on. We’re almost to Gastow and we picked up another party member on our way over, a sorcerer going by the name of Thatch. Zarah, typical to barbarians, is very combat effective. I didn’t think those axes were practical, but I guess I’ll eat crow on that one. We ran into Thatch in what looked like to be a hunt, and a pair of manticore attacked. We made pretty short work of them, though I have to admit, we were a bit lucky. Either way, we have another bruiser and a new dedicated mage. Now the burden won’t be on Klax for all of our arcane needs.

Jamie “Thatch” Bennet


  • Excels in range
  • Arcane power
  • Tactically sound
  • Has a familiar that can scout


  • Not many close quarters options
  • Is a sorcerer, limiting his spell versatility
  • Kind of a rando, still don’t know what he’s really capable of

Zarah Markon


  • Very strong
  • Presumably very tough (goes with the territory)
  • Very intimidating
  • Surprisingly cool headed (for a barbarian), and tactically sound


  • No apparent ranged capabilities
  • Not very fast (her attacks are telegraphed)
  • Reserved in combat (I hope she doesn’t hold back when it counts)
Field Journal #6
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #6
I wasn’t expecting much from Pawold, but it turns out Pawold was expecting a lot from us. Jarrod and I tracked a Draugr that turned out to actually be a gnome priest in disguise, named Albis. He and a half-orc named Gnar were looking for a gang of cutthroats and we all managed to scrape them out of Pawold, before learning some cryptic information about them. Followers and assassins for Death, they take any contract they can to stay ahead of Death’s wake. We’ve gotten a name, but that’s about it- no means of contact has been revealed, really.

We questioned one of them, but he knew his time was up and took an arrow (and a dagger) to silence him. Even so, Gnar and Albis offered to join us, which we accepted. More people means a more capable army.

We caught up to our job, with the dwarf Havi who turned out to be just skittish about making his merchandise known. It’s pretty funny how much everyone here is obsessed with poison. I’m not much of an expert with outsiders and undead (not my field of study), but I’m pretty sure I remember something about them being immune to virulence. I guess it’s for the more mortal threats they face?

Week #7
Finally made it to Heaford, with minor confrontation. I did a bit of harvesting along the way, and was hit with a shock of inspiration. Rusty’s primary purpose is to defend and only attack when called to action. It’s a respectable role that few value, but I realized he was still ineffective in this role. He isn’t combat savvy.

  • Needs more Power
  • Needs more Defense
  • Needs more Options

The first two I can definitely do with what I’ve learned so far. The last part is going to take a little more creativity and time, however. I suppose I can start with just training him in more purposes. That’s going to depend on how much time everyone is comfortable laying low.

Also, I’ve been toying with more defensive options for myself. Armor is good, but it’s faulty, and bulky and gets in the way. I’ve sacrificed some protection already, by relying on studded leather, but I feel like I can do better than something so archaic. Logic by Design states “When confined by natural law, you cannot circumvent it. But progress cannot be impeded by what is unknown, and primal order will facilitate what can be known.”

Project: gnomishnotes1.png


Field Journal #5
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #3

We saw Klax back to King’s Effort to ask for more reinforcements before we set out for Pawold. We have word that someone is asking for help out that way. I thought we’d have more important things to do, being hired by the king to stop Death-itself, but I guess we can lend a hand to a single merchant.

Week #4
It’s been pretty uneventful. We’re sticking to the road instead of wandering off into the wilds and it seems to be paying off. No one and nothing has attacked us, so far. I don’t know what Divine Providence is protecting us, but it seems to favor the road most traveled. If the roads are (more or less) safe, then perhaps we should consider expanding them or improving them? Logic by Design dictates that “there is salvation in an established control”. If the roads have been safe, it is a solid assumption they will continue to be safe. Expansion means we create a net of safety.

Week #5
Pawold is only one more day of travel ahead. Everyone seems to be anxious to get out from under tents and into proper bedding. I know I could stand a decent bath after a few weeks on the road surrounded by men. Rusty has held up well with the dust, and I’m glad for his sturdy redesign. I haven’t had time to really train him, like before, but I’m reintroducing things into his personality, like friend and foe detection at least. Until we actually fight something, however, it will not be easy to know how combat ready he really is, again.

Field Journal #4
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #2 (continued)

We finally defeated our first true forces of Death, and I have to say; I’m impressed. I took a few samples with me for study later as their composition and abilities were not what I was expecting (though if I’m being perfectly honest), I don’t know what I was expecting. Our tactics went sideways a few times, as most of the encounters we had were in a cave which restricted our movement. It’s also the first time we’ve encountered spell casters which will require another round of tactical study and planning with Kane.

We triggered some sort of vault, which was tied directly to the creatures we killed, as if their passing life forces or whatever energy that animated them were keys. It was truly fascinating, as I can’t seem to find a common trigger between them. There were caecodaemons, outsiders which are animated by soul force, some sort of death priest which I can partially deduce was animated through life force, and straight up zombies which are animated by necromantic magic. How they were all keyed the same way is uncertain. But what was most fascinating, as on the other side of the door were a pair of constructs and instead of some sort of tomb guardian or champion, another follower of Death.

How did he get inside? Why didn’t the constructs attack him? When we entered the cave, we were told of some kind of rule that everything that entered before us had to die, before we could leave. But who built this vault? And if so, what determined who got in? How does it tie to the creatures outside? It’s so fascinating, and so confusing.

Almost confusing enough to distract me from the fact that Rusty was destroyed. He was such a good boy, and now I have to rebuild him all over again. Time to start training him, all over again. I think I have what I need to make him a little stronger, faster, and tougher at least. We’ll see.

Oh! And there was some weird fisherman waiting for us. He says the king sent him, but I don’t know why the king thinks we need seafood. I guess that’s royalty for you.

Session 3

This week was very fun, and eventful, a lot of jokes, but serious when needed!

The party started off in the cave that was unfinished, all that was left was 2 bug bears in their way to the spider. Once they were defeted, they made way into the spiders lair, in which they fought a spider that was unidentified (for you readers out there, it is a Phase Spider) but it was already injured before they got there. It was a tough battle still, the spiders bite was vicious and with a strong venom, made people fear the worse, but the party prevailed. Bad Apple was able to extract the venom from the spider and learn that it can be made as a injury poison and an anti-venom too.

Before heading out, the party needed to rest and mend to their wounds, and while doing so, met a Devil called “Game Master”. Here Jarrod made a deal with the “Game Master” that if he ever goes back to his old ways, that the Devil kills him, and in return the Devil claims his soul. And ontop of that, some of the party (Bad apple, Jarrod, and Alan) decided to play in the Devil’s game. Now the Devil will always know the location of the few that accepted the terms, but only for games. If anyone tries to use his power for their own, he will try to protect them if he can.

They eventually went back to Arin, and delivered the poison, but only after seeing and hearing Elas arguing with a woman who they ended up finding out later, she is his daughter. She wanted to fight and help the party and the party agreed to have her join. She is excited and the party is happy to have someone able to mend their wounds.

Lastly, the party arrived to the location that Elas was given for the artifact, this is going to be a tough trial, and they must kill EVERYTHING in there before being able to leave. This is also, their ascension into being known as true heroes(mythic 1).

Session 2

I apparently forgot to do this ;-; So a quick log for session 2!

I wouldnt call this session uneventful but this session was focused on getting to where the group needed to be. The group ended up heading over to Arin, where they met Elas Virbella which the party was tasked to get a venom from a specific spider to kill time while the scouts come back to make sure the word they got was the real deal.

The party then headed out and into the cave where the spider is located. They found a lot of spiders and few bugbears.

Field Journal #3
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #2 (continued)
We managed to survive the spider cave, and I was able to harvest the venom we were sent for. I’m hoping Alin uses it heal, rather than harm, but I did my part- the rest is on them. Kane really took the bad end of it, and we’ve been bunkered down for a few days waiting for him to recovery.

Looking forward to hot food and a nice bed for a night when we get back, and tinkering with Rusty some more. I’ve got a few ideas that I think may go a long way, and thankfully, there’s been no shortage of inspiration and spare parts available.

“The soul is a construct of the flesh, and the flesh is a construct of nature. Nature provides all the schema necessary to build the perfect construct.”

Field Journal #2
An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week 2

We made our first stop at what I guess could be considered a fort. Poor girl is on rough times, though. Walls coming down, overgrowth, and little by way of defense. It can be saved but it’s definitely a fixer-upper. Still, it was better than camping in the open wilds, for the most part. A semi-solid roof is better than no roof. We’ll have to revisit it, because of it’s obvious strategic location. A focal point from Calady to the other population centers of Yostre makes it a good starting adventure path, I think. I’ll have to get with the others and see what they think so I can get to work improving it.

Fought a giant scorpion. Nothing too crazy- tried to ambush us from the sand. Got a few days worth of rations out of it, and harvested some of its poison. I’m not really a poisoner, but someone among us or that we encounter might have a need for it. Better safe than sorry.

Ambushed by gnolls while sleeping. It’s to be expected since it’s pretty lawless around here. Monstrous humanoids attacking vulnerable travelers is all the rage. Rusty got it pretty bad, poor guy. I’ll have to patch him up in town, provided they have some quick fix potions.

Got Rusty up and running back to top shape, again with the help of some clerics and a lot of gold. I’m going to have to start focusing on his defense so he can focus on mine. Spoke with Elas Virbella who seems to have a grasp on the situation here in Alin. He wants us to locate his missing scouts, but there’s some riddle involved, where everything that enters the cave before us must die. There might be some trick, there might not. Who knows? We agreed, but decided to take on some side work to line our pockets. We’ll need all the resources we can muster.


  • Brought up the formation issue with Kane
  • Seemed receptive (we’ll start implementing it)
  • Jarrod is a bully
  • Where even is Osparin?
  • I can’t get a read on Stetson. At. All.
  • Never thought I’d see the day a goblin guaranteed us safe passage in a human city

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