Alan Kane


“Who we are and where we come from is irrelevant. The world where those things mattered vanished 10 years ago. Now only two things matter, do you fight, or do you run? Do you dedicate your life to fighting against these threats that have ripped our world asunder? Or do you run, hoping someone else answers the call. Do you accept that you can’t fight death itself, but still assist those with the courage to try? Or do wish these would be heroes the best of luck, offering no help because in your head they already failed. Your actions define you, and inaction is the loudest action there is.”

Theme – Into Oblivion


Alan Kane was born in the city of Llane, on Yostra island. His mother was a Doctor, while his father ran a small chain of shops in Llane, Aelford, and Bellton. Overall, Alan’s early childhood would be considered normal, until he was 9 that is. When reports out of Thalor came that an unknown threat had invaded, most of the Island’s forces were called to the southern half of the island. If these threats crossed the ocean to our island, we’d be ready. Unfortunately, our incredible defense in the south wasn’t prepared for a separate threat in the north. In preparation for a potential attack from War, we were blindsided by Death. With all our defenses in the south, Death’s forces took the northern part of our island with ease. All cities were given an evacuation order and told to head south across the river. The people of Aelford and Wyley made it across, the rest of us were not so lucky.

Death’s forces swept the northern half of the island with little resistance, catching large groups of civilians attempting to flee south in the process, Alan’s group included. The few guards with us stood no chance against the monstrosities in Death’s army. Alan witnessed both his parents murdered by Death’s forces, paralyzed with fear, a stranger grabbed him and took off running.

The fact that Alan had been saved hadn’t sunk in yet. Nicholas Raatko, a high ranking member of the Assassin’s Guild, was to thank for this. Swearing to one day clear Yostra of Death and his forces, Alan spent years training with members of the Assassin’s Guild. Training both his body and his mind, aware that the enemy he faces will put both to the test. At the age of 14 (5 years after Death’s attack), Alan left Yostra, heading towards the center island. Being the only island not targeted by a horsemen made it the safest. Continuing his training with anyone who would have him, Alan developed a fighting style that allowed him to throw his power with pinpoint precision, targeting enemies weak points, but still sticking to the shadows as taught by the assassins.

Now, at the age of 19, the King has begun planning counter attacks, seeking out able forces willing to fight. Alan signed up without hesitation, ready to combat the forces who took his life from him, as well as the lives of so many others.

Alan Kane

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