Bad Apple!!

A gnome alchemist and mistress of constructs.


Theme – Bonetrousle

Full-figured with hip-length hair, Bad Apple!! is often seen as childish or overwhelmingly energetic. She is, however, a very analytical person who goes to great lengths to improve her capabilities in combat as well as her allies. She is especially invested in upgrading and improving her construct companion and is always seeking new ways to expand her knowledge of constructs and similar devices.

Rusty is a peculiar construct, fashioned after a wolf. Despite its obvious inanimate appearance, there is a bit of cunning to it, and it seems to respond to commands faster than typical constructs, though it is still animal like in nature. Currently, Rusty is only programmed to defend, attack, and aid, making it more valuable in a fight. Even so, Bad Apple!! is trying to expand its retinue of talents.



“My name is Bad Apple!! Why? Because that’s what people call me.”

Despite her circular logic, she is very guarded about her past. Most of what anyone knows of her is based on what’s already been made public. She was imprisoned for espionage, a crime she doesn’t seem to remember committing, but doesn’t argue that she may or may not have had a hand in. Despite this, the King has given her cause to join the party as way to atone for her actions, considering she has potential knowledge that could help the kingdom. Bad Apple!! didn’t require much convincing as it was better than rotting in a cell.

Beyond that, not much is really known about her, by even the royal inquisitors, and it is believed she may have partial amnesia, which would explain the holes in her stories.

Bad Apple!!

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