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Welcome to the Wiki!

Here will be the main page, cause this is the default one and no clue how to change it :p Anywho, this page will be the “master page” where I will try to get links to important information and sub sections such as Islands, or events that have been talked about.

The information for each island will be posted here. They will be updated with information that is found that you may not of know/isnt as widely known.
Island Information

Much like yourselves, there have been Past Groups and there you will find out any lore from the groups, what they did and who was part of it. And this is updated as the party finds out info

Adventure logs are just recaps of each session. Here will be a major thread of each log, so its easier to find.

Missions Here you find all missions that the party knows about

Here are the artifacts that the party has found, know about, and how many more are required.

Main Page

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