Elas Virbella

"Leader of Arin"


Father of Yofie, leader of Arin, has spent most of his time looking for a place to call home, and eventually became the head of what he found home. Not by want, but because the previous leader died defending it, but the town decided that Elas was a good fit for leading. While there, brought in many churches and livelihood into the town. While the island isnt safe, most members feel save not only around Elas, but with his guards too.

His guards prefer to work closly to Elas, but on request will defend the town, or break up a local bar fight. Those two stay shrouded in mystery, but with time he opens them up to people that seem like they can live with their information.

Elas himself is not a great fighter, but a great mastermind. Working closly with other towns, and people. He spends most of his time working, or praying at the local church of Milani

Elas Virbella

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