Lands of the Damned

Field Journal #4

An Idiot's Guide to a Pre-Apocalyptic World

Week #2 (continued)

We finally defeated our first true forces of Death, and I have to say; I’m impressed. I took a few samples with me for study later as their composition and abilities were not what I was expecting (though if I’m being perfectly honest), I don’t know what I was expecting. Our tactics went sideways a few times, as most of the encounters we had were in a cave which restricted our movement. It’s also the first time we’ve encountered spell casters which will require another round of tactical study and planning with Kane.

We triggered some sort of vault, which was tied directly to the creatures we killed, as if their passing life forces or whatever energy that animated them were keys. It was truly fascinating, as I can’t seem to find a common trigger between them. There were caecodaemons, outsiders which are animated by soul force, some sort of death priest which I can partially deduce was animated through life force, and straight up zombies which are animated by necromantic magic. How they were all keyed the same way is uncertain. But what was most fascinating, as on the other side of the door were a pair of constructs and instead of some sort of tomb guardian or champion, another follower of Death.

How did he get inside? Why didn’t the constructs attack him? When we entered the cave, we were told of some kind of rule that everything that entered before us had to die, before we could leave. But who built this vault? And if so, what determined who got in? How does it tie to the creatures outside? It’s so fascinating, and so confusing.

Almost confusing enough to distract me from the fact that Rusty was destroyed. He was such a good boy, and now I have to rebuild him all over again. Time to start training him, all over again. I think I have what I need to make him a little stronger, faster, and tougher at least. We’ll see.

Oh! And there was some weird fisherman waiting for us. He says the king sent him, but I don’t know why the king thinks we need seafood. I guess that’s royalty for you.



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